About Us

On The Wall is an independent and commercial art gallery established late 2015 in Oslo, Norway. The gallery came about as a result of our long-time passion for urban- and street art. After collecting pieces from all over the world for many years, our collection outgrew us - until there were no more spaces on our walls. As a combination of this and a desire to make urban- and street art more available for the public in Norway, we started renting out art to private people and businesses locally.

The most established artists within this genre are experiencing high demand. Through rental our clients can enjoy art without having to do a full investment in the artwork. It´s also a great way to find out if you love the work or if it fits your home. At a low risk.

We provide a seamless experience where we offer transport, placing the artwork on your wall, or putting together collections tailored to a specific space.

Take care and please contact us with any questions you might have.