Prefab77 is a group of artists who create unusually elegant street art and prints, but their approach is never simple and superficial. Beauty itself is not their final destination – behind their carefully executed and always profoundly beautiful artworks, there is always some political or anti-establishment notion. The artists are from Northern California and New York, but they still all grew up in major areas and were influenced by similar names and events of the global pop culture. The number 77 is directly referring to the year of ’77, which was a very successful year for British celebrities if we look at the history of rock and roll and the music charts. In the same way, Prefab77 became very successful both in the UK and the US. The artists are isolating the most attractive parts of the popular culture and combining them with vintage headlines and articles from the newspapers while preserving a certain glam rock aesthetics. Prefab77 consider themselves storytellers and whatever they have learned about fashion, politics, music and history, they try to incorporate in their prints or murals.