Yseult Digan (YZ) was born in 1975 in Chateauroux, France. When she arrived in Paris in 2000, YZ started painting in the street with a friend experiencing different urban technics like spray paint, brushwork and stencils. When making her posters, YZ uses Indian ink painted on silk paper, often relying on natural brown paint. Furthermore, she also uses materials found on the streets, picking up metal, wood, zinc, slate, brick and some recycling materials before applying them to her pieces. For that reason, many state that YZ´s methods are as close to sculpting as a street technique can get. YZ thinks that the texture, the color and the subject matter are what makes her work unique, as well as the fact that everything she creates is underlined by a note of fragility and poetry. YZs artworks have become parts of exhibitions at the Grand Palais and Fondation Cartier in Paris, and she has been made an artist resident at Centre Pompidou as part of project In-Situ.